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Welcome to the Oceansouls of America Community! This is the section of the site where you will find fan pictures, tributes, and all other things that make up our wonderful fan community!

OSA has become known over the years of being not only a gathering for Nightwish fans in North America, but all over the world. In many ways, our community has not only been a meeting place to discuss our love of the music, but we have become a family; sharing ups and downs over the years, rooting each other on during good times, and being a support group for one another through hardships and tragedies. Whether it was friends getting together at the regular East Coast meet-ups, or longtime online friends meeting for the first time at OSA Weekend in Los Angeles for the opening of the Imaginaerum tour, the bonds at OSA community that were formed through mutual enthusiasm for Nightwish have ultimately strengthened out of love and respect for one another. These are some of the people who make up our small but strong community; this section of the site is dedicated to all that makes OSA a home for many Nightwish fans in North America and beyond. FInd out just for yourself how a handful of American Nightwish fans built a fansite for those like themselves, and those who have come along since to help make OSA not just a fansite, but a home.

Take a look around and get to know your fellow Oceansouls!